What is Marsupiluv?

The name “marsupial” comes from the Latin word “marsupium” which means “pouch”.  Marsupials are mammals of an order whose members are born incompletely developed and are typically carried and suckled in a pouch on the mother’s belly. Marsupials are found mainly in Australia and New Guinea, although three families, including the opossums, live in America.  See what we did there, animals with belly pockets and a clothing company all about adding pockets.

Now that we have established the Marsupi in Marsupiluv, let’s talk about the Luv.  Since Marsupials were the original users of the stomach pocket it’s only right that they share in its success.  Marsupiluv shares part of its profits with organizations dedicated to protecting and conserving marsupials.  In other words we want to share the luv with the animals that inspire us.

I have a Marsupi (holds up left hand)

I have a Luv (holds up right hand)

Ungh (jams hands together)


And there it is, you now know “What is Marsupiluv?” and knowing is half the battle.

The Beginning

Alright everyone it’s story time.

It was a dark and stormy night…….

Ok, just kidding it wasn’t stormy let alone night.  In truth it was a cold day in late winter/early spring.  A time when it wasn’t cold enough for a full winter coat but it was, however, the perfect temperature for a pullover hoodie.  I grabbed my hoodie on the way out, put it on and went about my day.  There wasn’t anything special about this hoodie but it did have a large “Kangaroo” pocket in the front. Through the day I realized I used that front pocket all the time.  It held my hands (of course), pens, a pair of scissors, cell phone, pretty much anytime I needed to free up my hands, I would put what I was holding in the pocket.  This got me thinking about how useful the pocket actually was.

As spring progressed and the hoodie went back into the closet to wait for the fall, I began to miss that front pocket and all the help it had provided me.  I was back to holding things in my hand like a chump!  It was this absence of the pocket that gave birth to an amazing profound wonderful beautiful magical idea.  PUT A FRONT POCKET ON A T-SHIRT.  This would be no ordinary pocket this would be an internal pocket (that means pocket on the inside) so that the shirt wouldn’t bulge in the front but provide a secret pouch for your convenience.

Now that the idea was born it was time to make it a reality.  I went to a local fabric store, it was time to prototype.  After some initial tweaks and the help of some talented hands, the first Marsupiluv shirt was born.  It was bright yellow with grey pockets.  It wasn’t perfect but it was amazing!  That bright yellow shirt became my go to shirt and helped to create measurements, select fabrics, and begin to create new designs.  After rigorous and thorough testing I bring to you Marsupiluv! T-Shirts with hidden pouches to hold …well whatever you want (as long as it fits).

Actual photo of the original shirt!